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The event has been running for 22 years and draws 70,000 people per season.

As part of this event I book performers to fill 126 performance slots.

I have invited Cascade Creek Blue Grass Band to the event the last several years.

They are excellent and fill the needs we have for quality performers.  Their music is top flight.  The harmonies good.  They have energetic stage presence and good rapport with the audience.  They have been very easy to work with in staging and scheduling.  They are an all around positive package.

Anyone in need of a performance group would do well to book them.

Ashely Z. 

Finn River Farm & Cidery 

Chimacum, WA

Cascade Creek Bluegrass Band is always a pleasure to work with! They are professional on the booking side and bring great energy to the crowd. They headline two of our bigger event weekends and bring incredible stage presence.

Evelyn P.

New York, NY

Their music was festive, professional, appropriate for the venue and occasion, and incredibly FUN!  The music was so infectious, we just couldn't keep still!


The band is not only musically accomplished with great instrumentation and vocal harmonies but they are all professional, respectful and are truly nice people. 

...something we'll remember for a long, long time.

Chitra P.

Redmond, WA

We haven’t been to see live music in a long time and you and your band delivered.

Cascade Creek Bluegrass Band always presents professionally. Your music is harmonious and uplifting. Although many of our residents are not able bodied enough to dance, I often catch them wiggling in their seats and clapping along. One of my favorite qualities about you is how engaging you are with your audience. You make them feel important and a part of the entertainment. Smiles all around!!

From the time they walk on stage, I am in a state of anticipation.  I know this band and I know this is going to be a great show. 


They always look professional and their stage presence is welcoming and upbeat.

I appreciate their material selection. The vocals and close harmonies are exceptional;  fine musicians each and every one.


Their instrumentals are guaranteed to keep your hands clapping or your foot tapping.


Love this Band !! 

Jan Jones

Festival Organizer

Maltby Bluegrass Director

David S.

Woodinville, WA

Thank you all for a lovely evening of lively music are all so gifted!

Emily Scott

General Services Manager

Fairwinds - Brittany Park

Loren Issac, Director

Lights of Christmas Festival

Stanwood, Washington

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